If I Were Skinny, I Would Dress Like Justin Gossman

If I were skinny, I would dress like Justin Gossman. Here’s why:

The front man of the rock band Toy Guns is incredibly chic. His aesthetic is more like a feeling – a serious throwback to minimalist 70s glam. While the two (minimalist and glam) aren’t usually said in the same sentence, it’s the swagger from a Rock god from the 70s that dresses up a plain white shirt and makes it look incredibly chic.

I first discovered the singer on the Instagram feed from Brit Fashion/Music mag Foxes. At first glance, I thought I was looking at a fashion ad. As it turns out, Justin has done quite a bit of modeling. He can be seen with Bella Hadid in a recent campaign for beauty brand Nars.

Each photo on his Instagram looks more like a poster from a concert. And the best part about Justin as an influencer is his ability to dress simply. Light accessories make up the added edginess.

Dear Justin – this stylist has no problem admitting that he wants to go shopping with you.

Check out some images below and tell me you don’t feel the same way: