How I Wore Orange to Polo Ralph Lauren's Red Event

I'm not a trouble maker. Although normally when you have to start a sentence with a statement such as "I'm not a trouble maker" it normally means, you're a trouble maker. I guess sometimes I can be - especially in fashion.

Last night, I had the fabulous pleasure of attending the Polo Ralph Lauren Red Fragrance event - which was hosted by resident IT Guy Ansel Elgort. Some of you may remember him from... everything. And in person, he's everything too. I wrote about the scent, the people who went, and my outfit, on BuzzFeed

James Cross Orange.jpg
James Orange.jpg
James Orange Leg.jpg


In head to toe Polo by Ralph Lauren, I felt like a million bucks. I have to thank the folks over at Destination XL for their help - especially Angel and Victor. When I wasn't sure about Orange, Angel pushed me in the best possible way. As a stylist, I'm always trying to get clients to step out of their comfort zone - but I rarely do the same. With expert tailoring from Victor, I lived my best life last night. 

In a sea of blacks, navy, and grey, I was super excited to be wearing white and orange - which, afterall, is the new black. 

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